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Saturday July 29, 2017


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Statement of Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker on Budget Impasse and Government Shutdown:

(Skillman, NJ) -- On Sunday, July 2nd, Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker released the following statement about the current budget impasse and resulting government shutdown:

"Disagreements in politics are inevitable, but the disagreements over this budget were not good faith disputes over funding priorities. Instead, the Governor threatened to eliminate school aid increases and other important programs if we do not meet his demands, and he has now shut down our state government to make good on those threats. This is no way to lead, and the people of New Jersey deserve better.

The controversial proposal on Horizon, which I cannot support in its current form, remains at the center of this harmful impasse and government shutdown. With the attacks on the Affordable Care Act in Washington, D.C., the future of healthcare is uncertain, and tens of millions of Americans in New Jersey and around the country are at risk of losing their health insurance. Lives are literally at stake. While we absolutely must ensure that Horizon is acting in a responsible, accountable way, we should do so through our usual legislative process. Tying the Horizon proposal to the State’s budget is arbitrary and unnecessary.

On Thursday I did not vote on the proposed budget to allow more time for the Legislature and the Governor to strike a compromise that would ensure his signature on the budget as it is, which includes critically important funds for property tax relief, healthcare, infrastructure and school aid. In my legislative district alone, school districts in Manville, Somerville Borough and Montgomery would receive much-needed boosts in funding, to the benefit of thousands of children.

While the budget is not perfect, particularly because of a flawed lottery-pension scheme it incorporates, on Friday I voted yes to ensure that we did not shut down the government.

I am always proud and grateful to serve the 16th Legislative District in the General Assembly. I urge all New Jerseyans to contact the Governor and urge him to commit to signing the budget in its entirety without conditions, and end the shutdown." 

NJ Ban on Exploding Fireworks Use

Sparklers & Some Novelties Now Allowed, Please Use Caution
Dear Resident -

Last night residents enjoyed a night of celebrating American Independence and an exceptional fireworks display in Montgomery Township (Flickr album link below this article).

With the holiday weekend ahead, Montgomery Township Police would like to share an informative reminder about NJ Fireworks Laws from the New Jersey Department of Labor & Workforce Development, Office of Safety Compliance:

Every year, hospital emergency room staffers treat injuries resulting from the use of fireworks. I would like to acquaint you with New Jersey's Fireworks Laws, including some updates to the rules this year.

New Jersey's laws on fireworks are very restrictive. In some states, fireworks are permitted to be sold to and used by the public. However, in New Jersey, no exploding fireworks are legal and they are contraband when brought over the State line.

Due to a newly enacted law, the sale to those 16 and older of certain non-exploding fireworks such as sparkling devices and novelty items such as party poppers, snappers, drop pops and paper or plastic caps for use in toy guns is now legal in NJ.

HOWEVER, the sale or use of exploding devices such as firecrackers, roman candles, sky rockets, bottle rockets, etc., is still illegal in this state and carries heavy fines. For more, see Assembly Bill S-3034 here and NJ.Com article here.

The only fireworks that can legally be sold and used in New Jersey are sparklers and novelty items, as per above. (Such items can easily cause burns and should be used with caution and always with adult supervision of children.) If you have any doubt when speaking with a salesperson, call the NJ Officer of Public Safety Compliance at (609) 292-2096 for verification.

The Fireworks Laws are jointly enforced by municipalities and the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development. The law states that the sale or possession of fireworks, with intent to sell, is a crime of the fourth degree. Any person found guilty of possessing fireworks with the intention of selling them, can be fined up to $7,500 and/or imprisoned up to 18 months. Any person found using fireworks illegally can be fined up to $500 and/or imprisoned for up to 30 days.

If you have any questions or comments about the Fireworks Laws, feel free to contact the Office of Public Safety Compliance at (609) 292-2096 or the Police Dept. administrative line at (908) 874-3333. In an emergency dial 9-1-1 or (908) 359-3222.

Be wise this holiday weekend and leave the fireworks to the expert companies hired to do legal displays. Again, while exploding fireworks may be legally purchased in other states, they are contraband once you cross back into New Jersey. Our laws are strict in New Jersey but they are intended to prevent life-threatening bodily injuries and harm.

Be safe,

Captain Thomas Wain, Director 

Happy Summer!

 We at the Montgomery News are on vacation until August. We'll be checking emails from time to time during July. When we return, we'll be ready to work on the September issue . Best wishes to all and have a great summer.

Clam Rustling in Rocky Hill

 On the morning of June 21, a dog walker spotted two large full bags on tiny, freshwater clams (about 15 pounds each) and a bag containing waders just off the pathway in the Greenacres. There were no people around. The materiels weren't there when he when in, and they were only spotted as he was leaving. On July 1 at roughly the same time, they were back, this time in an SUV with NY plates. Theyt were spotted again a few days later. 

Any clams pulled out of the Millstone would be very ineatable, and tastring of mud, raw sewage, and creosote. They perform an essential service, by filtering waterand their emoival is unlawful. The NJ Dept. of Parks is investigating.


2017 High School Graduates and where they are headed

Montgomery High School
Lawrence Edward Brian Alleyne, Seton Hall; Kelly E. Anderson, U of North Carolina; Divya Christine Appasamy, Rutgers; Dante Chander Johnson Aralihalli, Queen's U; Sheila Araya, Year off; Allyssa Tze-Peng Ark, Colgate U; Jordan Leigh Artman, Florida State U; Thomas Robert Austin, Drexel; Vikram Jagannatha Avancha, Rutgers; Raksha Balaji, Temple; Sriprasanna Bandarupalli, Seton Hall; Athena Chen Barrett, Northeastern U; Rikuto Lewis Barringer, Undecided; Lindsey Shannon Bates, U of North Carolina; Stephanie Marie Berger, Undecided; Andrew Kouki-Ogura Bernard, Indiana U; Venkat Raghav Bhaskara, Undecided; Priya Goel Bhatnagar, Lehigh U; Sarika Bhattacharjee, NYU; Ashlyn Elizabeth Bickel, U of Delaware; Madeline Rose Bird, Undecided; Suprakash Mohan Biswas, Northwestern U; Zoe Ariel Bloomfield, UC Berkeley; Victoria Rose Bobal, Undecided; Geethavarshini Bommanpattikannan, Drexel; Avinash Shiva Boppana, Princeton; Emily Claire Borowski, Rutgers; Alexandra Pinckney Budd, Parsons School of Design; Calvin Renjia Cai, Northeastern U; Claire Ming Cai, Haverford College; Aparna Calambur, Cornell; Benton Blake Camper, Syracuse U; Katherine Ann-Choi Capolongo, Undecided; Cory Alexander Carmon, Undecided; Nicholas Carro, Undecided; Alaina Grace Caruso, Syracuse U; Andrew David Case, Mercer County CC; Zacharias John Cassar, Undecided; Jacqueline Leslie Chan, Penn State; Niharika Chandrasekar, NYU; Doris Gang Chen, Rider; Margaux Yi-Ning Chen, Art Center College of Design; Michelle Mei-Jane Chen, Carnegie Mellon; Brian H. Cheng, Rutgers; Sruti Cheruvu, Rutgers; Alex Alvin Cheung, Penn State; Daniel Junbeom Choi, NYU; Myles Chou, Rutgers; Noah Khaleque Choudhury, Rutgers; Brandon Chow, NJIT; Lily Chu, Wellesley; Kelly Chung, Rutgers; Gianna Marie Clarke, U of Pittsburgh; Malachi Hollingsworth Clemons, Oberlin; Anthony Colaiacovo, Rowan U; Carly Anne Conway, U of Delaware; Chase Matthew Coram, Monmouth U; Danielle Leah Corsan, Syracuse U; Lizbeth Cortez, Undecided; Julianna Rose Cresti, Villanova; Henry Andrew Crocker, SUNY; Veronica Lynn Cunha-Silva, Undecided; Shannon Kathleen Curry, Undecided; Luke Siwei Dai, U of California; Michelle Rose D'Allegro, Wagner College; Isabella Nicole Dameo, U of Alabama; Dylan D'Amore, Undecided; Shruti Das, U of Maryland; Yesh Milind Datar, Boston U; Katherine Rosemarie Davis, Undecided; Tamara Michelle De Leon, Undecided; Diana Tucker De Sanctis, Wake Forest U; Caroline Elizabeth Decker, Quinnipiac U; Claire Marie Decker, Duquesne U; Connor William Dedrick, Boston U; Joseph Raphael Deguzman, Stony Brook U; Isabelle Delgado-Saling, Undecided; Joseph Christopher DeMato, Undecided; Trevor DeMonico, Undecided; Kaitlyn A. DeOliveira, Undecided; Rohan Amit Desai, Case Western Reserve U; Dale Jerry Robert Vito DeSantis, Undecided; Chinmay Prashant Deshpande, Vanderbilt U; Jenna Karina Devchand, U of Hartford; Meghan Kadambe Dhawan, Undecided; Brigid-Dominique Di Blasio, U of Prince Edward Island; Monina Diara, Undecided; Renato Dias Sampaio, Undecided; Daniel Thomson DiLorenzo, Wentworth Institute of Technology; Michela Grace DiMeglio, Penn State; Sydney Nicole DiStase, Centenary U; Messiah Divine, Towson U; Rupak Jain Doctor, College of NJ; Andrew William Dollard, U of Colorado; Aayushi Dharmesh Doshi, Undecided; Robert Raymond Ducay, Utah State U; Liam Patrick Dwyer, U of South Carolina; Maeve Bernadette Dwyer, Gettysburg College; Veronica Marie Elghazaly, Rider; Daniel Scott Engels, U of Wisconsin; Christian Espana, Undecided; Kira Nicole Ferraiolo, Sacred Heart U; Michael Patrick Finelli, U of Arizona; Ryan Michael Floersch, Undecided; Joseph James Florentine, Unknown; Jeremy M. Ford, U of Maryland; Lucas F. Freda, Undecided; Anna Caroline Fredeen, Texas Christian U; Venkata Gadamsetty, Virginia Tech; Tyler James Gallagher, Marist College; Alexis Lynne Garhart, U of Delaware; Logan Andrew Geddes, Ithaca College; Simon Alexander Gelbard, U of Miami; Jesse A. Gerdes, Undecided; Monika Laura Geslak, Stevens Institute of Technology; Jessica Kaelin Gilmore, Auburn U; Brian James Giordano, U of the Sciences Pennsylvania; Victoria Lynn Gluck, Coastal Carolina U; Alexandra Nicole Goetz, U of Edinburgh; Sonika Kohli Gohil, College of NJ; Timothy J. Gomes, Western Connecticut State U; Vivian Chenzhang Gong, College of NJ; Adam M. Gordon, Queen's U; Matthew Thomas Gottlieb, Otterbein U; Tyler Nicholas Greene, Indiana U; Kaitlyn Grosso, Undecided; Joey Lee Gutterman, U of Southern California; Daniel A. Haggan, Undecided; Logan D. Hall, RVCC; Amanda Catherine Harris, U of Michigan; Fatima Hasan, U of Pittsburgh; Rhianna Lysse Haynie-Cion, U of California; Margie Xiaofan He, Rutgers; Connor Joseph Healy, Saint Joseph's U; Caroline Michelle Hedde, U of Richmond; Matthew Thomas Heidt, Penn State; Adriana Louise Herrera-Saujani, Drexel; Lauren Ann Hollowell, West Chester U of Pennsylvania; Sonya Homami, U of Washington; Injee Hong, Centre College; Sara Lynn Howard, Gettysburg College; Claire Elise Huff, Ohio State U; Joshua Reed Hymowitz, Rutgers; Nicolas Kaan Ipeker, Stevens Institute of Technology; Madison Avery Irving, Washington State U; Matthew James Irwin, Rutgers; Danielle Hannah Jahn, U of Tampa; Pooja Jain, Rutgers; Melissa Robyn Javeline, RVCC; Riley Rose Jenkins, U of Connecticut; Julia Jerzak, Rutgers; Catherine Ji, Rutgers; Eric J. Jiang, Carnegie Mellon; Travis Walter Jones, RVCC; Trevor Jones, U of Northwestern Ohio; Vishnu Madhav Joshi, Johns Hopkins; Jennifer Jung, Gap year; Neha Darmesh Kalan, U of Pittsburgh; Allison Sunho Kang, U of Michigan; Triesha S. Karakoti, Rutgers; Emma Keating, Rider; Austin Carroll Kelley, Embry Riddle Aeronautical U; Ford Alexander Kemen, Rutgers; Rory-Cian Christian Kemmerer, Rutgers; Sean McGuire Kennedy, U of New Haven; Eliana Rose Kent, College of NJ; Meghna Mistry Khanna, Rutgers; Ethan Kibbey, Rider; Yejin Kim, Rutgers; Matthew Thomas Kimick, Penn State; Kathryn Susan King, U of Rhode Island; Griffen Scott Kingkiner, U of North Carolina; Aman Kishore, U of Illinois; Mayank Kishore, Georgia Institute of Technology; Sarah Anika Knight, Rider; Francesca Margrethe Knudsen, Lehigh U; Kaitlin M. Kocinski, College of NJ; Amanda Suzanne Kole, Undecided; Isabelle B. Kolodziej, Rutgers; Mirah Koota, Bucknell U; Matthew Henry Koppa, High Point U; Rhea Ashutosh Korde, George Washington U; Andrew Eric Kotler, Kenyon College; Zachary Tyler Krutyansky, Rutgers; Say Ghim Kuay, Rowan U; Angela Rose Kubik, Monmouth U; Amita Kulkarni, Rutgers; Sakshi Kulshrestha, RVCC; Anooj A. Lal, U of Illinois; Cassidy Ann Lang, Undecided; Madison Kelly Larkin, Washington U; Brenda Lee, Rutgers; Sierra Star Leedy, Undecided; Matthew Francis Legato, U of North Carolina; Keegan Paul Lewandowski, Rutgers; Alexandra H. Li, U of California; Alexandra V-Ting Li, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; Christina Gao Li, U of Michigan; Irene Li, Rutgers; Rosey Liu Li, Wellesley; Sijia Liang, NYU; Beatrice Eva Liang-Gilman, Rutgers; Eric R. Lisanti, Penn State; Jeanine L. Lisanti, U of Connecticut; Victoria Ann Lisowski, Northeastern U; Esther Anna Lo, McGill U; Fernando Lopez, Undecided; Yareli Guadalupe Lopez, US Navy; Jolene Ruth Lozano, Boston College; Vicki Lu, Duke; Jessica Arielle Luis, Bucknell; Daniel Zhou Luo, U of California; Megan Luo, Seton Hall; Kara M. Lydzinski, Boston U; Liam Alexander Lynch, Princeton; Michael Gregory Lynch, College of the Holy Cross; Teagan Malakoff, Carnegie Mellon; Hamza Ahmed Khan Malik, Northeastern U; Trisha Malik, Undecided; Stephanie Lok Chin Man, Rutgers; Brandon Michael Marna, Undecided; Kyle Michael Marrapodi, Lafayette; Zachary Edward Masessa, Providence College; Rebecca Marie Maslanka, Dickinson College; Lauren Ann Matticoli, Rider; Kaitlin Elizabeth May, Undecided; Sydney Nicole McAlister, Indiana U; Allyson Patricia McCorry, U of South Carolina; Sarah Ann McGowan, Northwestern U; Joshua David McKay, Seton Hall; Kevin Scott McLester, Undecided; Ashley Lynn Medina, Monmouth U; Jessica Mekeel, U of Massachusetts; Joseph Robert Mercurio, Ursinus College; Elaine Joy Tanchuco Milan, Rutgers; Mallory Paige Milestone, College of William and Mary; Kathryn Elizabeth Miller, Quinnipiac U; Colleen Erin Molnar, Mount Holyoke College; Samantha Brianna Moreno, College of NJ; John Albert Morgan, Drexel; Michael Francis Moubarak, Hamilton College; Dante Salvatore Musto, U of Colorado; Catherine Dudek Mykolajtchuk, U of Michigan; Sushanth Nadam, Rutgers; Vijay Vinayak Nayak, Parsons School of Design; Vishaka Nayak, Carnegie Mellon; Camille Isabel Negron-Morales, Washington U; Neha Nelson, Rutgers; James Orion Nierenberg, Undecided; Kyra Stark Noell, U of Minnesota; Casey Sabrina Novitski, Drexel; Margot Sidnee Marie Noyelle, Rutgers; Andrew Clark Oldis, Rutgers; Ryan Patrick O'Neill, Rowan U; Tobechukwu Somkenenna Onyiuke, Undecided; James Alec Ottomanelli, Undecided; Riya M. Panjwani, U of Pittsburgh; Emma Pantiliano, Undecided; Rohith Raj Pasula, Syracuse U; Akaash Jatin Patel, Penn State; Dev D. Patel, George Washington U; Mira Salil Patel, Drexel; Riya Jignesh Patel, Case Western Reserve U; Michael Elio Patrizio, Wilkes U; Julio Paz, Undecided; Jarrett Connor Perkins, Vanderbilt U; Da'Naijia Raneka Petties, Undecided; Kristen Nicole Pierson, Undecided; Gregory Thomas Pipher, Gap year; Michael Vincent Poirier, Carnegie Mellon; Michael George Prati, Lehigh U; Rosalie Qi, U of Michigan; Gary Qian, Rutgers; Dennis Philip Quinlan, Ohio U; Ujwal Singh Rajaputhra, U of Southern California; Evelyn Grace Randolph, U of Alabama; Rohan Raghuram Rao, Undecided; William Robert Rarich, Rutgers; Anjali Jessica Ravichandran, U of Miami; Jessica Leigh Ravitz, U of Delaware; Marisa Devi Ray, Northwestern U; Pranav Chinthakuntla Reddy, Johns Hopkins; Ruha Allipuram Reddy, College of NJ; Hannah Elizabeth Reilly, James Madison U; Elizabeth Cho Reimer, Undecided; Jared Herbert Reinson, Johns Hopkins; Matthew Joseph Remsen, Arcadia U; Emily Xuan Ren, Georgetown U; David Reynolds, Dean College; Ryan Angela Ricca, West Virginia U; Madeline Rohmeyer, James Madison U; Aldrich Cobey Ronquillo, Carnegie Mellon; Matthew Richard Ryan, U of Delaware; Sanjana Saboo, Rutgers; Rohan Sachdeva, Undecided; Evan Nathaniel Sacks-Wilner, U of Cincinnati; John Anthony Sala, Undecided; Caitlyn Samuel, Temple U; Nithya Santhosh, St. Bonaventure U; Daniel Clarence Santoro, Rutgers; Ritwik Sanyal, College of William and Mary; Elaina Saracino, Undecided; Ajay Varun Sarathy, U of Pennsylvania; Saichinmaya Satyasi, NYU; Nolan Timothy Schauer, Lehigh U; Isabelle Magdalene Schelbaum, Rowan; Jake Nicholas Schiavo, Rider; Joseph Brian Schmieder, Undecided; Heidi Louise Schweitzer, College of NJ; Hannah Segota, U of Miami; Jacob Timothy Seitter, Undecided; Megana Jagannathan Sekar, U of California; Sonali Nimish Shah, Rutgers; Saba Zareen Shaik, Georgia Institute of Technology; Daniel Shao, Case Western Reserve U; Sophia Grace Sharpless, Lafayette; Jeffery Allen Shen, Rutgers; Morgan Nicole Shiffner, U of South Carolina; Juliette Shisler, Gap year; Gina Marie Sileo, Coastal Carolina U; Christina Maria Paul Simon, U of Connecticut; Serena Marie Simpkins, Rutgers; Mehul Singh, Rutgers; Michael Steven Small, Rutgers; Casey Ann Smith, Marymount Manhattan College; James Thomas Smith, Rhode Island College; Vincent Peter Smogard, Drexel; Noah Heath Sokoloff, Rutgers; Albert Keun-Ik Song, Rutgers; Kathryn Song, U of Chicago; Roshan Soni, Undecided; Daniel Allen Soper, U of Michigan; Dillan Zachary Spector, NYU; Sufyan Fouad Sqalli, U of Vermont; Vijay Satyanarain Srivastava, Princeton; Gillian Nicole Stamets, Undecided; John William Stauffer, Denison U; Sara Nicole Stegman, Undecided; Elizabeth Katherine Stelmakh, Northeastern U; Helen Reynolds Stevenson, Fordham U; Scott Thomas Strickland, U of North Carolina; Matthew Ryan Summers, Rutgers; Alexandra Alaine Szigeti, U of Miami; Marissa Rowan Tamuzza, Undecided; Trevor Rocco Tamuzza, Quinnipiac U; Zachary Peter Tamuzza, Syracuse U; Xenji Kitana Taylor, Rider; Gianna Marie Tedeschi, Marist College; Paul Joseph Tedeschi, Syracuse U; Amrita Teppla, Undecided; Gurveen Singh Thakkar, Drexel; Gayathri Thelekatt, Fordham U; Ryan Liju Thomas, Seton Hall; Christian Martin Thomsen, Penn State; Neha Shri Thotakura, U of Pittsburgh; Robert George Tidona, College of William and Mary; Elizabeth Tieu, William Paterson U of NJ; Eric Hao Tong, Columbia U; Nikita Tripathi, Seton Hall; Emily Christina Troisi, Rutgers; Alexander Tse, NJIT; Rebecca Ann Uhrik, Stockton U; Shreya Upadhyay, Rutgers; Maxwell Butcher Urbanski, Undecided; Olivia Ann Valazza, Ohio State U; Isabella Paige Van Mol, Penn State; Rishi Vardya, Arizona State U; Leah Mary Varughese, Carnegie Mellon; Vivikth Hari Vemula, Case Western Reserve U; Eton Alexander Victor, Undecided; Allison Patricia Vinci, U of the Arts; Sireesh Vinnakota, Undecided; Jack Honus Wagner, Ohio State U; Alex Lanyu Wang, U of California; Eric Lee Wang, Amherst College; Raymond Wang, NYU; Zachary Dylan Ward, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; Audrey Meilia Warner, U of Pittsburgh; Allyson Foster Weakliem, College of Mount Saint Vincent; Jack Alan Weitze, U of Michigan; Kaprice Whitney White, John Jay College of Criminal Justice; Matthew Ian Wierzbicki, Lafayette; Christopher Nicholas Wildgoose, Undecided; Christian Logan Bentley Williams, Undecided; Shaan Joshua Aaron Williams, Rutgers; Robert Preston Wilmot, Stevens Institute of Technology; Alec Daniel Wilson, Middlebury College; Kaitleigh Amanda Witten, Syracuse U; Isabel Won, Johns Hopkins; Kelsey Nicole Woodard, Loyola U Maryland; Robyn Michelle Wright, Undecided; Alexandra Ellen Wu, U of Michigan; Sabrina Gu Wu, U of Chicago; William Meng Cheng Xiao, Cornell; Julia Wenjia Xie, Undecided; Jillian M. Yang, Chapman U; Michelle Qian Yang, U of Pittsburgh; Sreenidhi Yelagoila, York College of Pennsylvania; Prithvi Venkat Yendapally, U of Miami; Lauren Jee-Young Yoon, Stony Brook U; Daniel M. Young, U of Vermont; Gregory Natan Youssef, Undecided; TianHao Yu, Pratt Institute; Matthew Felix Yuan, Princeton; Robert S. Zauner, Rutgers; Helen Zhang, College for Creative Studies; Stephanie Dong Zhou, Rutgers; Matthew Flynn Zidar, College of NJ.

Stuart Country Day School
Annie Jacob, Brown; Alaina McGowan, Princeton; Casey Nelson, Brown.

The Pennington School
Josefina Costa, School of Visual Arts, NYC; Kate M. Michaelson, U of Vermont; Bridget M. Piersol, Franklin & Marshall.


Letters to the Editor July/August 2017

To the Editor:
Many thanks for your delightful police blotter. We do not live in Montgomery but look forward to each installment with great anticipation of further wrong doings. Many thanks for brightening our weeks. Jolly good show, and keep up the good work.
Carron Morris

To the Editor:
On June 4, Rock Brook School held its third Annual Rock Brook Celebration, "An Evening of Two-Step & Honky Tonk." The fun evening included country line dancing, live music, barbecue buffet, and auction. For more than forty years, Rock Brook School has provided exceptional special education services to children, as well as support for families and professionals. We are so proud of our students and the hard work of our dedicated staff.

I'd like to take a moment to recognize all who helped make An Evening of Two-Step & Honky Tonk possible. Thanks to all the families and businesses that contributed prizes for our auction. A special thanks to Rock Brook parent Laura Jones who contributed Yankees/Red Sox tickets for our special raffle as well as several additional auction items. Our gratitude to the Blue Wave Ramblers for the fantastic music and Debbie Figel for calling our country line dances. Much appreciation to The Lodge at Montgomery for hosting our event and Mary the Queen of Pork for catering the affair. Special credit to our students and staff for creating the lovely theme-oriented d├ęcor.

And finally, I'd like to thank our guests, sponsors and donors. Your generosity helps Rock Brook School continue its legacy of quality education, providing supports and ensuring success for children with communication and learning difficulties.
Mary Caterson
Executive Director
Rock Brook School
Skillman, NJ

To the Editor:
One does not have to be an expert to observe that the Montgomery School Administration and BOE has a culture problem. Both parties within the organization continue to operate within a system that will not produce optimal results for all the participants and the public. In combination with the previous six or seven BOE meetings and Ms. Hodgsen's open hearing, the public has a much better understanding of some very disappointing management.

Even as late as June 13, we were seeing a continuation of the top-down management that is producing very poor results for everyone tied to the system (i.e., the initial firing of Ms. Hodgsen-Physics First). According to major experts, every organization has a culture that consists of both external and internal components.

It is also very obvious that the major difficulty is internal. Plain and simple, the administration and the BOE do not manage ground level suggestions, not from the teachers, certainly not from the public. Do the Administration and the BOE hear only what they wish to hear and nothing else?

For example: Physics First and the report issued by Ms. Gartenberg on June 13. It was suggested that this was incorporated with other major ongoing issues in a meeting conducted May 23, 2017 with four management teams. Physics First has been a major difficulty for at least two years. And again, after speaking with science teachers, it has been explained to me that they have had no contact with senior administration concerning this subject for at least a year and half.

If I understood correctly, there is a data leadership team supposedly providing direction as to suitable solutions.

However, the administration did not wish to move too quickly, for fear of enacting a solution that would not be on target. It was further suggested that this data team is at least somewhat reliant on a "research analytical data machine and/or company." And further, part of this data is coming from surveys, which is even more disappointing.

On June 13 I heard that milestones are needed so that the BOE can understand the progress of the administration. Ms. Gartenberg suggested at least a month ago, that there would be an update as to the progress of Physics First. If the BOE accepts the kind of information that was supplied during the last meeting by Ms. Gartenberg, again there is something very wrong.

I say this because students, more that two months ago, reported very high anxiety levels that were occurring due to at least one factor—the study time necessary to devote to the subject to obtain a satisfactory grade.

Corrective action is far overdue. The question is when and what kind of methods will be chosen?
Alan C. Wirsul