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Monday March 19, 2018


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2017 Election results

Once again the people have spoken, with a few surprises.

Murphy (D) won statewide against Kim Guadagno, (R) and also, Montgomery voters picked him as well, 3,289 to 2,525.

In Rocky Hill, 172 voters picked Murphy, 99 for Guadagno.

Kip Bateman (R) barely held onto his State Senate seat with 51% of the overall District 16 vote, but 3,131 Montgomery voters preferred his rival Laurie Poppe (D) to his 2,685 supporters. That was mirrored in Rocky Hill, where the vote was Poppe (159) to Bateman (114).

The first real surprise was that Democrats Zwicker (3,293), the incumbent, and running mate Roy Frieman (3,077) topped hometown favorites republicans Mark Caliguire (2,687) and running mate Donna Simon (2,519), while also winning their seats in the State Assembly. Rocky Hill mirrored that vote, with Zwicker (170), Freiman (158), Simon (103) and Caliguire (106).

Another big surprise was at the Somerset County level, where Steve Peter (D) won the County Clerk job, one of only three democrats to do so, unseating Breett Radi. Again, Montgomery residents picked the Democrat, 3,210 to 2,396. In Rocky Hill it was 164 – 100 for Peter.

The late and sorely missed Princeton Mayor Barbara Sigmund used to refer to them as the "Board of Frozen Cheeseholders." At any rate, Township voters again ran with the Democrats, picking Alex Avellan (3,113) and running mate Shanel Robinson (3,059) over Republicans, and overall County winners, Brian Levine (2,553) and Brian Gallagher (2,524) for the Somerset Board of Freeholders. Rocky Hill voters picked Robinson (166) and Avellan (156) over Levne (101) and Gallagher (102).

And for the local news, another surprise. Democrat Sadaf Jaffer (2,974) beat David Cheskis (2,793) for a three-year seat on Township Committee. Montgomery Committee will chose a new mayor from among the Committee members. Ten to one it's a Republican.

For three three-year seats on the MTSD Board of Ed, Township voters picked Paul Johnson (2,313), Amy Rao (2,725), Rahana R. Rao (1,937). Paul Blodgett only drew 1,872 votes. In Rocky Hill, it was Miller (113), Johnson (94), Blodgett (81), and Rao (79).

There were no surprises at all for Rocky Hill local elections. Running unopposed for all seats, Mayor Phillip Kartsonis (195) was reelected; for an unexpired seat on Borough Committee, Amy Kirkland (170); and for two three-year seats, Dawson (220) and Uhrik (226).

The Public Questions were also well supported in both municipalities, with a resounding "Yes" for both a NJ Library Construction Bond Act, which supports construction and upgrades to public libraries; and Question 2, which requires the State to use money recovered from environmental contamination cases to be actually used to "repair, restore, replace, or preserve the State's natural resources," instead of, say painting the men's room in the State House, or new limo's for the new governor, as was previously the practice.

So the take-away appears to be that for some reason, Republican politics have left a bad taste in the mouths of local voters, and they've had enough.

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