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Monday March 19, 2018


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Two MTPD Sergeants Sworn In

The Montgomery Police promoted two officers to the rank of sergeant at the Thursday, December 21 Township Committee building.

Police Captain Thomas Wain introduced the newly-appointed sergeants, Ryan Gray and Sean Sullivan, who were each joined by their children ahead of their swearing-in ceremonies. Oaths were administered by Township Attorney Kristina Hadinger.

Wain said the entire police force commends the two sergeants. He has watched Gray and Sullivan grow in their careers into officers of the law respected throughout the township and among all ranks.

"Seeing the things they have contributed to this organization, it has been fun as they've become leaders. I can talk about our MTPD philosophy or mission statement but we are not there at 2 am on a patrol. These are the guys making decisions under very difficult circumstances to do the job right. They do this job right all the time and they are respected by everybody in this room. They will only continue to do the great job they have been doing," Capt. Wain said.

He added that the Township Committee plays a key role in developing police leadership. "The Committee gets involved, they want to know these officers and they are committed to getting the right people in the right positions of leadership," Wain said. He explained that Committeewoman Christine Madrid has spent many hours from May to December reviewing police personnel files with himself, Township Administrator Donato Nieman and Lieutenant James Gill.

"She has asked several very appropriate questions about personnel and that tells me she is locked in on her task of getting the right persons for this position. Thank you very much for your time and effort in this process Ms. Madrid," Wain said on December 21.

Mayor Ed Trzaska also thanked Committeewomen Madrid and Patricia Graham for working with the police department leaders.

"There is nothing to be taken more seriously or is more important than working with our police and the quality of it, decisions on who we hire and who is promoted. The sergeants' round is extremely difficult as you have four truly outstanding candidates for two positions. It took us a long time to decide - congratulations to everyone and you guys are a true gem in our community and the police force is really helping to make Montgomery Township a special place," Traszka said.

Lt. Gill presented the police data report for November 2017 to the Committee on December 21. He said for the month there were 885 motor vehicle stops by the MTPD, and 345 of those resulted in drivers being issued a summons. There were also 65 motor vehicle accidents in the township in the 30-day period. The Montgomery Police responded to 96 burglar alarms in November.

A total of 185 criminal investigation reports took place, with 10 thefts in November resulting in claims of $16,000 stolen. Gill said the key issue police investigated was the theft of wheels and tires from new and used vehicles at car dealerships in Montgomery. "It is sporadic and we get a few of them each year, and we do usually get pretty hard in the month of November here," Gill said.

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